Meet Olivella’s 1433 Acre Olive Grove


The Olivella product range is the outcome of the Del Papa family’s commitment to pure, organic Olive Oil. After establishing their international Olive Oil business in 1945 the family invested in organic farming and founded Terre Del Papa, a 1,433-acre olive grove in Umbria, Italy with over 500,000 olive trees. The largest organic olive grove in Italy, with a strong focus on sustainability.

The 500,000 trees, aim to decrease CO2 levels in the local territory and the farm operating structure creates new jobs for the surrounding population, stimulating positive economic and social impact in the Umbiran community.

The positive impact of the Terre Del Papa Farm and Olive Grove is connected to every aspect of Olivella’s supply chain. A 100% integrated production process from the tree to the fatty acids derived from Olivellas transformation process. Terre Del Papa’s limited-waste, circular process involves 5 key outputs:

  1. Refining olives for the production of Virgin Olive Oil for food use and the sale of bulk and bottled olive oil 
  2. Production of by-products (Fatty Acids and Oleins)
  3. Reuse of water and by-products 
  4. Limiting waste and waste pollution 
  5. Production of Olivella products including skin, body and hair care

Del Papa Olive Grove


    Terre Del Papa has incorporated a 20km perimeter of flowers and medicinal herbs from lavender to helichrysum to hug the groves like a kind of colourful, poetic protection.   

    This allows Terre Del Papa and Olivella to produce excellent Essential Oils while promoting pollination and biodiversity.

    These flowers are the perfect habitat for bees; sadly, 70% of the bee colonies in the world are disappearing, and climate change and the use of chemicals in crops are among the main causes.

    Olivella’s mission is to continue to create natural and eco-sustainable products encompassing the entire (transparent) supply chain from the raw materials used to make the products to the unique formulations.

    The Mediterranean Diet for the Skin starts from the Earth.

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