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About Us

Our foundation is built on the principles of consistency, longevity and results, guided by cosmetic science. Our specialist selection of products is the result of experience and a deep understanding of what truly works.

We’re serious about skincare, which means we only recommend products that meet our high standards for efficacy and scientific backing. Our commitment to this standard has guided us through over two decades of skincare evolution.

For 22 years, we’ve dedicated ourselves to empowering our customers with knowledge and effective solutions. We cater to those who care deeply about their skin. Chelleon's community values results over quick fixes and fleeting trends.

Consistency is what is needed to reach long-term skin health and radiance, it’s also what Chelleon brings to the table as an indispensable resource to help you achieve this. 

Longevity is at the core of our relationship with both the products we work with and the relationship we have with our customers. 

Results are what we are able to achieve with our clients and the selection of products we offer, the routines we suggest and the way we work to reach your desired outcome.

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The Chelleon team have extensive knowledge on all our products, skincare types and problems with over 20+ years of skincare experience. Chelleon do not oversell or over promise, we provide you with honest and empathetic advice on what will be the best approach and journey for you.