The Chelleon team have extensive knowledge on all our products, skincare types and problems with over 20+ years of skincare experience.

Your Skincare Consultation

Your consultation will last approximately 30 - 45 minutes depending on your skin concerns and needs and will take place on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday between 9am and 3pm UK time.

We make sure you feel in control of your skincare, we don't oversell or over promise - we provide you with honest advise on what will be the best approach for you.

Please book your appointment via the link below. You will be presented with a form where we need you to answer a few questions first before we schedule your consultation.

  • Understand Your Skin

    Understanding your skin is the foundation of effective skincare. It enables you to make informed choices about suitable products, effectively tackle issues and prevent damage. In the long-term it saves money, optimises skin health and boosts confidence.

  • Understand Your Products

    Not all skincare products are created equal. Understanding your skincare products is crucial to maximising effectiveness, preventing adverse reactions and can significantly enhance your skincare routine and overall skin health by allowing you to make informed decisions.

  • Build Your Routine

    We have built the foundation of Chelleon on Consistency, Longevity and Results and this will be the basis of how we work with you to create your tailored skincare routine to achieve maximum effectiveness in a manner that best suits you and your skin health.

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Environ Skincare

Environ is part of our DNA - we have championed this professional skincare brand since it’s inception in 1990. We have borne witness to its transformative effects on the skin both personally and professionally. 

Environ’s scientific, research-backed skincare is unmatched in the industry with a focus on powerful, active ingredients Vitamin A, antioxidants, and peptides that are proven to benefit skin health.



Advanced Nutrition Programme Supplements

Advanced Nutrition Programme are expertly targeted skincare supplement formulations that offer a range of solutions to correct concerns and deliver radiant, skin health from within.



Medik8 Skincare

Medik8 is an exceptional cosmeceutical brand with a philosophy deeply rooted in the power of Vitamin C, Vitamin A and SPF. 

Developed with advanced scientific research and high-strength ingredients, Medik8 delivers targeted results for ageing, acne, pigmentation, redness, and dryness.