Olivella: Bringing the benefits of the Mediterranean diet to your skin

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Is there anything that olive oil can’t do? There is an abundance of headlines focusing on its proven health benefits, the rewards you’ll reap from consuming just over one tablespoon per day, and the benefits of following a Mediterranean diet for longevity, it’s no wonder olive oil has gained a reputation as a nutritional powerhouse.

But have you heard of the Mediterranean Diet For Your Skin? After all, the skin is the largest organ in the human body, so it’s high time that we took the health benefits of our skincare products as seriously as the nutrition on our plates. 

Curious how you can apply some olive oil goodness to your skin? Meet – Olivella.

As the pioneers of "the Mediterranean diet for your skin’ - Olivella focus their formulas around one-star ingredient: ultra-purified virgin olive oil.

Olive oil has been used topically for centuries, treasured for its moisturising, nourishing, and protecting properties – and now, thanks to modern science, we know why.

The composition of long-chain unsaturated fatty acids found in olive oil are very similar to the lipids of our cells. This allows Olivella’s innovative Ultra Purified Virgin Olive Oil base to adapt perfectly to the hydrolipidic layer of all skin types – making it suitable for even the most delicate areas.

Olive oil also boasts impressive age-defying properties, from providing antioxidant protection and nourishing vitamins to softening, moisturising, and soothing the skin.

Olivella’s Skincare Philosophy

Why should we pay attention to olive oil in skincare?

The short answer? Because it really works. The Mediterranean diet has been widely studied from a nutritional perspective and now the beauty industry is catching up.

Combining cutting-edge innovation with tradition, Olivella has put the benefits of olive oil and its precious compounds (phenolic compounds and triterpenes) firmly in the spotlight. Each and every product developed by Olivella is meticulously researched and supported by science while embracing the natural ingredients and sustainability that is a core focus of the brand.

Three key benefits of olive oil for skin:

  • Helps to heal acne: Olive oil can aid in skin exfoliation and help to de-clog pores.
  • Minimise stretch marks: The abundant vitamins A & E, along with phytosterols and polyphenols in olive oil, improve collagen production and boost elasticity.
  • Anti-ageing properties: Polyphenols and oleic acid help to keep skin looking healthy and youthful.

Olive oil is vitamin-rich

As olive oil is packed full of essential vitamins such as E and A, you’re basically giving your skin a nutrient boost every time you apply it. And for that glow? The beta carotene in olive oil can help to stimulate new cell growth, resulting in a more youthful appearance.

Natural, anti-ageing effects

Olive oil contains oleic acid and polyphenols – components that work together synergistically to help refine skin texture and tone. As we age, our skin can also become dry. Olive oil’s nourishing and moisturising properties provide skin-smoothing, wrinkle-minimising benefits that can restore a healthy, glowing complexion.

Promotes skin health and radiance

The antioxidants in olive oil can help to protect skin from free radicals, which, if left unchecked, can cause damage to the skin.

Who is Olivella for?

All skin types can benefit from Olivella. Olive oil is a natural ingredient that is suitable for any skin type, from babies to older adults with even the most sensitive skin. Olive oil is also hypoallergenic, which means there’s no need to worry about skin reactions.

Never tried Olivella before? Explore our Olivella Essentials page and browse our favourite Olivella products below.

Olivella Product Ranges

Olivella Bar Soaps

The Olivella bar soap is iconic in shape and colour – a beautiful deep olive-green colour that produces a lightly scented white foam. Use on the face, hands or body, as well as to wash your delicate fabrics.

Olivella Liquid Soaps

Nourishing, emollient and soothing, Olivella liquid soaps are the perfect solution for everyday hand washing, available in a range of fragrances to refresh your senses.

Olivella Skincare

Naturally derived and enriched with vitamins and minerals, Olivella’s skincare range is packed with nourishing, protecting and rejuvenating properties. From anti-wrinkle and eye contour cream to a hyaluronic acid serum, discover your skin’s new favourite range.

Olivella Bodycare

Trust us – once you’ve discovered Olivella you’ll want to apply it all over. Luckily, these body care products are designed to do just that. Try oils, lotions and creams – your skin can thank us later.

Olivella Haircare

Beautifully conditioned, shiny hair is in sight with this olive-based duo. Not only does this shampoo and conditioner nourish your hair from root to tip, but it also leaves you feeling refreshed, revitalised and ready to start your day.

Sustainability Commitment 

Olivella is committed to their principles of focusing on clean, natural ingredients, maintaining high safety standards, and using environmentally sustainable practices. They’re also cruelty-free.

As a line of soaps and detergents, Olivella’s products act as a green substitute to chemical-laden alternatives, by eliminating palm oil and animal by-products from their formulas while ensuring the same level of quality and efficacy.

Olivella is shifting towards a Circular Economy: reducing the quantity of water usage, minimising CO2 emissions and minimising their overall environmental impact where possible.

Our Favourite Olivella Products 

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Hydra Moisture Gel Cream

An ultra-light day time gel-cream that hydrates and moisturises for an all-day glow.

Rich in hyaluronic acid, a moisture magnet great for deep hydration, combined with tiger grass, a natural anti-inflammatory that works to calm the skin from redness, blemishes, and discolouration.



Moisturiser Oil

Nutrient-rich, multi-functional oil that uses squalane derived from olives that beautifully nourish the skin. Blended with essential oils that deliver delicate floral scents.

Just a dab a day to your face, lips, elbows, knee, heels, and even your nail-bed can do wonders.



Face & Body Liquid Soap

An all-natural soap that hydrates the skin as it cleanses. On your first application, you will notice the skin feels softer and your pores super clean.

Different from many commercial soaps that contain synthetic agents that can block your pores and cause irritation, Olivella only uses saponified Olive Oil in its formula. Great for all skin types, especially sensitive skin. 



The Olive Shampoo

Olivella Shampoo is a light weight shampoo uniquely formulated with natural olive extract and rich in Vitamins E and K to help protect hair from daily damage.

Delivers significant antioxidant and moisturising properties to provide lustre and elasticity to dull, damaged hair. Leaves hair and scalp feeling revitalised and healthy.



The Olive Conditioner

Olivella developed their conditioner with one main goal - create a nourishing olive oil based conditioner that does not weigh down the hair. 

This formula contains an added natural mixture of grain and silk hydrolysate giving shine to even the most worn out and dry hair.

Fun fact, there is a component of olive oil called Oleuropein that can directly impact the hair growth cycle.



Body Oil, Anti-Stretch Mark

Originally formulated for the very delicate skin of mothers during pregnancy, this beautifully light body oil is loved by all skin types; delivering soft and supple skin after application.

Formulated with virgin olive oil and enriched with sweet almond oil this body product is highly nourishing while enhancing the elasticity of the skin.



Hand Sanitiser

The Olivella Hand Sanitiser is a transparent gel to sanitise hands, made with 99,5% natural ingredients.

Formulated with Olive Oil leaf extract this hand sanitiser has a instantly moisturising effect on the skin, while the high percentage of alcohol immediately kills bacteria upon contact.

Perfect to be used anytime hands need to be cleaned without using water and leaves no sticky residue.