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Advanced Nutrition Programme

Advanced Nutrition Programme Skin Blue Filter 60 Capsules

Advanced Nutrition Programme Skin Blue Filter 60 Capsules

60 Tablets

Smart supplement that shields skin from the impact of blue light by 60%

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Advanced Nutrition Programme Skin Blue Filter supplement shields skin from within with a synergy of cell-protecting nutrients, including a team of targeted antioxidants to provide elevated protection and anti-inflammation benefits.

Skin Blue Filter has been proven to both protect and repair the skin from blue light exposure, reducing damage to the skin barrier by 60%. This hybrid of ingredients is encased in brilliant blue capsules, the colour of which is derived from spirulina extract.

Suitable for all skin types and ages, particularly anyone looking for age prevention, challenged with light sensitivity, inflammatory skin conditions, high-environmental exposure and during spring/ summer.


  • Vitamin E: Antioxidant protection for our cells (including DNA, protein, and lipids)
  • Olive fruit extract: An antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and a protector of the skin. It helps reduce the appearance of skin discoloration, uneven skin pigmentation and redness caused by excessive sun exposure. This particular olive fruit extract has 99% bioavailability reaching blood plasma in 15-20 minutes and doing its job before being eliminated 6-8 hours later. Created exclusively by upcycling waste material (biomass) from olive oil production, using up to 900 tonnes of waste per year.
  • Lutein + Zeaxanthin: Phytonutrients produced by plants from marigold flowers. They are naturally found in the skin and eyes with supplementation shown to improve skin tone, increase skin luminosity, and increase elasticity.
  • Biotin Vitamin B7: Contributes to the maintenance of normal skin.

How To Use

Take one capsule per day with a main meal. Skin Blue Filter works with all supplements so can be added as a booster to any supplement regime.


Olive (Olea europaea) fruit extract, rice fibre (Oryza sativa), Marigold flower (Tagetes erecta) extract prep. (10% Lutein, 2% Zeaxanthin), capsule shell (hydroxypropyl methylcellulose), capsule colour: spirulina; calcium carbonate, d-alpha tocopherol, biotin.

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Advanced Nutrition Programme Skin Blue Filter

Only just started using but have tried other items from the brand and always been pleased with the results