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Dermaroller Cleaner 30ml

Dermaroller Cleaner 30ml


Designed to keep your personal Dermaroller clean and germ-free.

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The Dermaroller Home Roller Cleaner is an alcohol-free cleaner for the HC9 home roller. It’s essential to clean the roller after every use to ensure that each treatment is hygienic and that the roller remains in excellent condition.


Ensures Dermaroller remains hygienic for each treatment
Extends the life of your at-home Dermaroller
Alcohol free

How To Use

  • After every use, rinse the roller head under warm, running water.
  • Shake the roller to remove excess water.
  • Spray the roller head 4 times from different angles.
  • Shake the roller again to dry.
  • Store the roller in its original casing.
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