Environ Skin EssentiA Oil Free Eye Make-up Remover

Specially formulated for use on the delicate eye area, this eye make-up remover gently removes eye make-up without drying the skin and without leaving a greasy film. Leaves the eye area feeling clean, refreshed and moisturised.

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Environ Skin Essentia Oil Free Eye Make up remover gently and effectively removes eye make-up.  It moisturises and hydrates and assists in soothing the delicate eye area.

It is suitable for people who wear contact lenses and lash extensions.

Not effective in removing waterproof eye make-up.

  • Effective in removing eye make-up,
  • Soothing,
  • Moisturising and hydrating

Apply to cotton pad and soak the lashes for a few seconds and gently remove eye make-up .

Can be used as a soothing eye compress.


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