Collection: Environ

Environ is part of our DNA - we have championed this professional skincare brand since it’s inception in 1990. We have borne witness to its transformative effects on the skin both personally and professionally. 

Environ’s scientific, research-backed skincare is unmatched in the industry with a focus on powerful, active ingredients Vitamin A, antioxidants, and peptides that are proven to benefit skin health.

Environ Skincare FAQ's

What is the Environ Step-Up System?

The unique Environ Skincare Step-Up System is meticulously designed to gradually acclimatise your skin to an increased concentration of Vitamin A and other potent ingredients.

Is Environ suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes, Environ skincare offers a selection of products specially formulated for sensitive skin. To ensure optimal results, we advise consulting with our skincare experts who can guide you through the right Environ Skincare routine for your specific needs.

What is the shelf-life of Environ products?

Typically, unopened Environ products have a 12-15 month shelf life, except for specific short shelf life items.

Once opened, the products remain effective for 10 – 12 weeks. For specific product shelf-life details, you can contact us on

How do I find the most suitable Environ products for my skin?

We recommend scheduling a consultation with our Environ skincare expert who can analyse your skin condition, understand your skincare goals, and advise on the best Environ products for your needs.

When can I anticipate results from using Environ products?

The timeline for visible results can vary significantly, ranging from 2 months to 24+ months, based on individual skin types and particular skin concerns.

What does AVST stand for?

Advanced Vitamin Skin Therapy

Is Environ suitable for acne-prone skin?

Yes, Environ provides a range of products specifically tailored to enhance the appearance of blemish-prone skin, known as the Environ Focus Care Clarity+ range.